Vitamin D3 and food

Foods rich in vitamin D include fatty fish, fish liver oils, beef liver, and egg yolks, among others. Other foods, such as milk and breakfast cereal, are often fortified with vitamin D – meaning that it is added to them during manufacturing.

Fruits and Vegetables Rich in Vitamin D

Generally, fruits and vegetables don’t provide any vitamin D. 

Still, certain fungi, such as reindeer lichen and mushrooms, absorb vitamin D through exposure to UV radiation during growth. Raw shiitake, chanterelle, and oyster mushrooms are particularly rich sources of vitamin D.

Dairy (and Non-Dairy) Rich in Vitamin D

Dairy and egg products are another common source of vitamin D. Some, like cow’s milk, are typically fortified with vitamin D, while it occurs naturally in others, such as butter and cheese. 

Examples include:

  • Butter
  • Milk
  • Whole eggs (specifically egg yolks)
  • Cheese
  • Yogurt

Follow our in-house recipes

Here at SunVit-D3 our in-house cheif has designed and created four quick and easy meals for you to try next time your in the kitchen.