Should you take vitamin D in the summer?



Vitamin D supplements are there to help us during the winter months when our bodies don’t make enough on their own. So do we still need to take vitamin D supplements in summer?


The answer is yes!

Even though we are basking in vitamin D-producing sunlight, it is still extremely important to continue to take vitamin D supplements for your overall health and wellbeing. Even during the hottest summers, some of us are lacking in the ‘sunshine vitamin’!


Why is vitamin D important?

Vitamin D (cholecalciferol) supports many of our body's processes including:

  • Maintaining healthy teeth
  • Improving strength of teeth and bones
  • Heart function
  • Muscle function
  • Immune system support


Vitamin D does all this by enabling our bodies to absorb and use phosphorus and calcium - minerals which are essential to our wellbeing.


How do I know if I’m not getting enough vitamin D?

If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, it could be a sign that you have a vitamin D deficiency:

  • Constipation
  • Gum disease
  • Aching joints and bones
  • Growth problems

Serious illnesses such as rickets and osteomalacia can also be the result of a lack of D3. Even more reason to go online and buy vitamin D supplements!


Why do I need to take vitamin D in summer?

Our bodies can’t store vitamin D, so it is vital that we get some every day from other sources such as sunlight, diet (sunlight provides 90% of our vitamin D requirements!) or vitamin D tablets.

Vitamin D tablets are a proven way to reduce the chance of a deficiency - especially if you can’t be sure when the next sunny day will be. The truth is, many of us would see improvements in our wellbeing by taking vitamin D daily or high strength vitamin D3 capsules regularly.

There are some specific situations where you may benefit from an increased intake of vitamin D:

  • If you are vegetarian - meat has a high vitamin D content compared to other foods
  • If you are pregnant, vitamin D can help with the baby's development (vitamin D is also great for babies and children!)
  • If you get limited exposure to sun (for example, you work indoors)

You can buy vitamin D in most health food shops or order vitamin D online.


Why am I not getting enough vitamin D in summer?

Just because the weather is sunny, it does not mean you will automatically be getting enough vitamin D. There are several reasons why you may still need to buy vitamin D supplements, despite the hot weather:

Sun protection - SPF actually stops your body from making vitamin D, try to have a short break from using sunscreen during the day.

Not enough exposure - if you are wearing long sleeved clothing, with very little skin exposed, your body will not receive direct sunlight and therefore will not make enough vitamin D. Leaving areas of skin uncovered such as neck, forearms, hands or lower legs will help you receive Vitamin D.

Darker skin - if you have darker skin you need to spend longer in the sun to see the vitamin D benefits.

Between 11am and 3pm most people can make sufficient vitamin D by going out for short periods. Before 11am and after 3pm it takes longer to synthesis sufficient vitamin D, however the risk of sunburn is less.

If you don't want to risk exposure to the sun, you can buy vitamin D supplements online including high strength vitamin D supplements, sports vitamin D, organic vitamin D, and if you want to buy vitamin D3 supplements for kids, try chewable vitamin D supplements.


How do I get more vitamin D naturally?


The sun

It is a tricky balance getting enough vitamin D from the sun (our main source) whilst also protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.

NHS guidelines suggest that around 5-30 minutes in the sun with no sunscreen is enough to give you a good daily dose of vitamin D, although this is not exact.

You should also remember that the lighter your skin, the more vitamin D your body will produce so you don't need to spend as much time in the sun (even though you may want to!)

The best time of year to do this is between April and September, at some time between 11am -3pm. You must be in direct sunlight to produce vitamin D, sunlight is ineffective through glass.



If you can't get vitamin D from the sun, there are some foods which are great for giving you your daily dose:

Meat (and meat products)

Fish and seafood


Vegetarian vitamin D options


Dairy products


Vegan vitamin D options


Soya milk

Almond milk

Fortified vegan yoghurt

Fortified orange juice

Fortified breakfast cereal

Fortified meat substitutes




If you can't get vitamin D naturally, you can buy vitamin D supplements in different forms which you can take all year round:

  • Chewable vitamin D supplements
  • Vitamin D gummies
  • Vitamin D tablets
  • Vitamin D3 capsules
  • Vitamin D drops


Vegan vitamin D options are also available. You can buy vegan supplements online, and with SunVit-D3 there is the option to buy vitamin D online with a range of products available for all your preferences: link to online shop.

It is quick and easy to order vitamin D. SunVit-D3 provides vitamin D made in the UK, and you can find everything from vitamin D gummies to vitamin D3 capsules to buy online.

We also provide for your whole family. We give you the option to buy vitamin D3 supplements for kids, vegan supplements for men, and you can buy vitamin D supplements for women.


Should I take vitamin D supplements all year?

To get your daily dose of vitamin D, it is a great idea to take vitamin D supplements all year round. According to the NHS, a minimum of 400iu is enough daily dose for most people.

Please check with your Health Practitioner first if you are on any kind of medication or have an underlying health condition.


Does vitamin D really protect against Covid-19?

It's difficult to say if vitamin D protects against covid. Despite several trials trying to find a link there still isn't enough evidence to say for certain.

However, covid-19 has increased the need for vitamin D supplements. During the pandemic when time outdoors was restricted, many of us were not getting our daily doses of vitamin D and may have seen a decrease in overall wellbeing as a result.

As vitamin D boosts the immune system, it is a priority to make sure that we keep topped up, particularly in the face of covid-19. Even if you are vaccinated, it's still a good idea to give your immune system the extra support that vitamin D provides!

With so many options for vitamin D supplements, it has never been easier to get your daily dose. Try vitamin D gummies, vitamin D tablets or liquid vitamin D until you find the right product for you!

Head over to our online shop where you can buy vitamin D online: link



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