National vegetarian week at SunVit-D3

National Vegetarian Week at SunVit-D3


Why choose us?

Because we are approved vegetarian and vegan friendly by the Vegetarian Society, so our range complies with many specialised dietary requirements.



3.4 Million

As of 2023, there are 3.4 million vegetarians in the UK.

1.4 Million

The latest figures show there are also 1.4 million vegans in the UK

18% Millennials

Millennials are currently the most meat-free generation. Almost 1 in 4 (18%) of millennials are vegetarian or vegan.


So what is national vegetarian week?

National Vegetarian Week is an annual date for your diary celebrating and promoting all things veggie! This year, the focus is firmly on climate and how being a vegetarian is not only great for your health, but great for the planet.


Why is being vegetarian good for the planet?

Put simply, vegetarian food has a much lower carbon footprint!

According to National Vegetarian Week, 'The amount of carbon saved by your veggie dinner can be the same as driving long distances in a car.'

Eating veggie food is a really simple way to help the planet and get healthy.

All of SunVit-D3's products and supplements are approved by the Vegetarian Society, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you are getting your daily dose of vitamin D in an eco-friendly way.

Have a look at our online shop for trusted, approved vegetarian supplements.



How can I add vitamin D to my vegetarian diet?

Luckily, getting plenty of vitamin D if you're vegetarian is easy and delicious!

Mushrooms are a great source of vitamin D, and there are plenty of vitamin d-rich, meat-free foods out there for you to try.

We have even a created an easy, healthy recipe for a portobello mushroom & quinoa crumble for you to try in this video.

You can also use our vitamin D products in your cooking. Our vitamin D supplements are easy to include in food, smoothies and drinks for an extra kick of vitamin D which is also great for the planet!

Celebrate National Vegetarian Week (and boost your vitamin D intake) by heading to our online shop.


People across the UK chose veggie food for the planet!


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