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An Adventurer and a real character - Meet Mema!

Rehabilitation centre:  Nyaru Menteng
Date of arrival:  1st June 2016
Age on arrival:  4-5 months
Current age:  8 years
Gender:  Female
Current location:  Forest School - Group 5
Health status:  Healthy (BCS 3)







In the vibrant world of the forest school, Mema has become a dynamic explorer, frequently venturing into the surrounding areas. In line with her newfound independence, she often prefers solitude, and within the school grounds, she tends to be fully engrossed in her activities. Her days are filled with the active pursuit of wild fruits, relishing the treasures she discovers around the school.



Mema only takes one or two pieces of fruit during food distribution by her caretakers. It seems she's already satiated, having consumed a substantial amount of forest fruits during her treetop adventures.



On the way back from forest school, she often delays her return to the complex, stopping at a tall tree along the journey home. Her caretakers then patiently wait for her to continue the journey back to the compound.



Usually, in good health and full of vitality, Mema's journey has taken an unexpected turn. A mishap occurred as she was returning to the complex one day, with her right hand getting caught in the complex's iron bars. Impatiently, Mema attempted to yank out her hand but ended up getting even more stuck and, ultimately, injuring herself.  Fortunately, her attentive caretakers noticed Mema's predicament and, with the assistance of our veterinary team, promptly administered aid. Mema is now recovering under their watchful eyes as she is resting her injured left arm. This incident, a testament to Mema's curiosity and enthusiasm, should not hold her back in her rehabilitation journey and serve as a very important lesson about patience!
Here at SunVit-D3 we would like to thank you all, as it is yours and your children's efforts an the support of Meryl's gummies that allow us to help the fight in making sure Orangutans are kept in the wild.

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