Pure Vitamin D3
Making the sun
shine on the inside

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CLEARANCE - The SunVit-D3® 1,000 I.U. tablets (pack 30) range expires on 31st May 2014. Due to the short dated nature of this range, these products are heavily discounted and returns will not be accepted for these items unless the item(s) was damaged upon arrival.

Vitamin D3

Introducing SunVit-D3® from D3 Vitamin LLP  a new vitamin D3 supplement launched in 2008 in the UK containing 1,000 I.U. of pure vitamin D3 per tablet. To maintain healthy vitamin D3 levels, health professionals recommend 1,000 I.U. – 2,000 I.U. of vitamin D3 per day.

We have also launched a further three new strengths of SunVit-D3® to meet the ever increasing demand from healthcare professionals in both primary and secondary care.

The new strengths of vitamin D3 are 10,000 I.U./20,000 I.U./50,000 I.U. in easy to swallow film-coated tablets in convenient blister packs. High strengths should only be taken under medical supervision and advice sought before ordering.

These are now available from the BUY NOW page.

SunVit-D3® is free from gelatin, yeast, wheat, soy, gluten and dairy products.

SunVit-D3® is also approved by The Vegetarian Society.

In the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe, vitamin D3 supplements are commonly available. Mounting scientific evidence from across the world shows the essential role that vitamin D3 plays in our everyday lives.

Vitamin D3 is now available in the UK here at SunVit-D3® and has unrivalled bioavailability in the oral supplement sector. Order Vitamin D3 today and start to make the sun shine on the inside for you and your family.

“After taking your product my D3 level has risen from 7 to 61 and still rising.I am delighted

Shirley, 40, Scotland”