Victims of Daylight Robbery, as A Third of Brits Spend Less Than ONE HOUR Outside

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  • 75% of Brits spend most of their daylight hours inside
  • Over half (52%) of employed Brits are outside for less than ten minutes on their lunch break
  • 59% find a lack of daylight depressing

Research has found that three-quarters of Brits are literal victims of daylight robbery.

A surprising three-quarters of Brits (75%) spend most of the daylight hours inside, whilst a third (32%) of the nation confessed to spending less than one hour outside on a typical weekday. The research which was conducted by SunVit-D3 found that factors such as socialising (21%) and looking after the kids (15%) played a pivotal role in why Brits are a nation of hibernators.


However, it’s not just a busy social and family life that is keeping Brits from the great outdoors. Almost a quarter of Brits (23%) said their daily commute to work affected how much time they could spend outside each day and once at work, things don’t improve.

Over half of employed Brits (52%) spend less than ten minutes outside on their lunch break, with just a mere 3% taking advantage of the full hour available to them. Perhaps this is because a fifth (20%) have too much work and more than one in ten (12%) worry about being away from their desk.


officer workers vitamin d

It’s no surprise that a lack of daylight is having more than just a physical effect on Brits. With sunlight exposure generating the most of our Vitamin D intake – an essential for healthy bones and muscles – a lack of daylight can also have a big impact on our mental health.

More than half of the nation (59%) admitted to finding a lack of daylight depressing, with women feeling the effects more than men (64% vs 53%). Additionally, it’s the older generation who are suffering the most, as nearly three-quarters of those aged 35-44 find a lack of daylight the most depressing.

SunVit-D3 said: It is surprising how few of us are taking advantage of getting outside and embracing the many benefits we can experience from just being out in the fresh air and daylight. With the clocks going forwards and us all welcoming a little more sunshine in our lives, as a nation we need to start getting outdoors more.”

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