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SunVit-D3 Sports


If you’re an individual that partakes in sport on a basis that’s more than regular, don’t stop reading. It is known that the consumption of particular vitamins can have a super beneficial impact toward one’s health. According to (Healthline, 2020), Vitamin D has several benefits that are crucial regarding health. Vitamin D fights diseases, reduces depression, and contributes to overall muscle health. Make sure that you’re not D-ficient! Pun intended. These benefits are just only a fraction of the power of what the industry of Vitamins holds. The founding of Vitamins was considered to be an outstanding achievement for the humans’ understanding of health and disease prevention (Semba, R. D. 2005) and the breakthrough of vitamins was decoded by epidemiologists, physicians, physiologists, and chemists, making the establishment of Vitamins more grounded. It could be argued that one should not underestimate the power of vitamins as surveys indicate that “the most elite athletes do take vitamin supplements” (Williams M. H. 1989) and there is a direct link between the way the muscle and bone structure operates when Vitamin D deficiency (Blennerhassett, 2019). Studies suggest that the consumption of multivitamins is not only used by the everyday average joe, but also by those who partake in professional Olympic sports. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), vitamins, minerals, or a combination of the two are found in multivitamin supplements and those who consume them are making sure that they are validated when not covered by the foods that they eat on a daily basis.


Here’s a list of the 3 vitamins that are considered to be crucial regarding the ability of one’s performance.


  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin D


Professional, Olympic-level athletes have found that the consumption of vitamins and minerals helps manage energy levels as well as the immune system. (Trimarchi, n.d) Olympians such as weight-lifters are an example of how the essential vitamins and minerals can contribute towards all-round health in a good way. It is factual that the body needs calcium to grow and maintain strong bones but also has a link towards a healthy heart and blood clotting. Based on findings of the role of calcium in skeletal health, the consumption of calcium supplementations has been shown to have effects on bone density. Furthermore, those who wish to take calcium supplements with as little as 500mg, are prolonging the emergence of lumbar spine bone loss (Chan Soo Shin & Kyoung Min Kim, 2015). Iron is considered to be one of the most common deficiencies amongst the athlete community, affecting how the body transports oxygen from your lungs to its cells and energy production (Trimarchi, n.d) and low intake of the supplement is likely to cause individuals to feel short-breathed and tired, causes pale skin and headaches (Coeliac UK, n.d). Lastly is Zinc! Zinc is an essential nutrient that is needed for the everyday health of both men and women and can’t be stored in the body, therefore is significant to extract from external sources such as vitamin supplements and food. According to (Watson, 2019) pregnant women and older adults are at risk of developing symptoms such as unexplained weight loss, loss of appetite and open sores on the skin if deficient in Zinc, especially for infants who are breastfeeding. So you might be thinking… “But how does this affect the life of an experienced athlete?” and you wouldn’t be wrong for doing so!  (Ellis, 2017) implies that low levels of Zinc can have a detrimental impact on one’s testosterone levels. Individuals who partake in sports need adequate levels of testosterone in the body to maintain overall muscle mass and muscle strength.

SunVit-D3 has a strong affiliation with a number of sports teams including the Army Holden Race Team, the Upshift Nutrition Cycling Race Team and One Dance UK for a number of years focusing their partnerships on athletes such as dancers, cyclists, gymnasts, race drivers who may not get sufficient natural Vitamin D from their training requirements. SunVit-D3 are proud to support these sports clubs in reaching their goals and advocating the need to supplement with Vitamin D to contribute to their performance levels.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your performance, why not check out our latest Vitamin D and other sports vitamins?



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