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SunVit-D3 Sponsors Study Into Identifying Male Cyclists At Risk Of RED-S


SunVit-D3 has recently sponsored a study into how to identify male cyclists at risk or RED-S and the effects Vitamin D can have for the men with the condition. SunVit-D3 is keen on promoting the benefits of Vitamin D in Sports performance as long hours of training can be very demanding on an athlete’s body, particularly on muscles, bones and overall energy levels. These studies can help provide information to benefit sports performance and help athletes maintain their health during the toughest tests of endurance.


Vitamin D and Cycling Study


The findings so far are that “in those cyclists with adequate EA assessed from SEAQ-I, vitamin D concentration was the factor indicative of lumbar spine BMD. Vitamin D is emerging as an important consideration for athletes, for bone health, muscle strength and immune function.” To learn more about the condition and read the full study: How to Identify Male Cyclists at Risk of RED-S? (Oct 2018, Nicky Keay Fitness).

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