SunVit-D3 Joins Boost Oxygen

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SunVit-D3 joined Boost Oxygen for a weekend of fast paced, high adrenaline sports action.

boost oxygen and sunvit-d3

Over the weekend of the 15th – 16th of June, SunVit-D3 attended the British Super Bike championship round 4 at Brands Hatch race circuit. This was an action-packed weekend of qualifying and it was hosted by our newest client Boost Oxygen.

British Super Bike Championship

About Boost Oxygen

Boost Oxygen banner

Boost Oxygen is portable, lightweight and 95% pure oxygen. It is all natural and available in either pure form or with essential oil aromas such as Menthol-Eucalyptus and Peppermint. Founded in 2007, Boost Oxygen is currently the bestselling and most trusted oxygen canister brand in the world. After success in the American marketplace, Boost Oxygen is now a firm favourite in the UK market. Initially used by people visiting high altitude locations and athletes, Boost Oxygen is set to become a lifestyle product for many of us. The use of oxygen is already part of the celebrity scene with such names as Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Brits Simon Cowell, Mick Jagger and Kate Moss being linked to enjoying a head-clearing Oxygen boost. It is a natural solution to the negative effects of low oxygen levels such as low energy, a lack of concentration and exhaustion which can also be caused by high adrenaline levels. A few deep breaths of Boost Oxygen helps you stay at your best! Air quality is a growing concern, linked to many health issues. With Boost Oxygen you can take control and breathe deeply and safely.

Boost meditation

SunVit-D3’s collaboration with Boost Oxygen

SunVit-D3, as many of you will know, is currently growing into a company that has a strong presence in the Sports industry. High-end Football clubs, cycling teams, Rugby and Dance groups are all using our 1,000IU and 20,000IU Vitamin D Informed Sport products, which can be found on our website under the sports section. To enable us to establish ourselves within the sports market SunVit-D3 are constantly looking to add new products to our range. So on this note, it gives us great pleasure to be able to introduce Boost Oxygen UK and their flavoured oxygen range which includes their peppermint, Menthol – Eucalyptus and Natural flavours.

Dairy free 1000iu - blister

View Our Full Range Of Sports Products Here

SunVit-D3 20,000 IU - 28 Tablets SunVit-D3 1,000 IU - 28 Tablets


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