Sponsoring Active Edge Road Race Cycling Team

SunVit-D3 are very pleased to announce that after working alongside the team now for a year we have decided to take the next step into our relationship by sponsoring the Active Edge team. This includes offering support and helping them to achieve their goals in Project 2019!

Who are Active Edge Race Team?

Active Edge race team are a 21 strong group of male riders and 1 triathlete, with varying cycling experience and abilities. The team is headed and owned by Deborah Rycraft and Sam Woodfield; who are constantly on the lookout for riders with past racing experience to join the team. The team is broken down into two squads purely based on the commitment and time the riders can dedicate towards racing and training. Their ‘Elite’ squad will be aiming to compete this year on a National and International level, aiming for as many awards as possible this year.


Active Edge Race Team at BMW Launch

Testimonial from Active Edge’s Sam Woodfield

 “We are super happy to be working alongside SunVit-D3 for the 2019 racing season, one key component for the team is to look professional whilst racing. One key element for this is to have matching helmets, as well as helping the team helpers to spot the riders in the peloton when standing in a ‘feed zone’ or looking for them at the start/finish of a race. We will be wearing POC Octal helmets for the season and we cannot thank SunVit-D3 enough for providing us with these for the season.”

Same Woodfield Active Edge Race TeamSam Woodfield

Why Active Edge work with SunVit-D3

“With racing and training within the UK it is super crucial to maintain our Vitamin D levels to allow for maximum performance, recovery and health. There are also a few health and bone risks due to the nature of cycling – these can be caused by:

  • Low impact crashes along with high impact collisions
  • High stress levels
  • Training and calorie intake and output

These factors mean our bone health is at a constant risk, because of this we will be making sure we use the SunVit-D3 Informed – Sports Accredited supplementation supplied to us throughout our entire season. These supplements will allow us to have maximum recovery, high energy levels, high performance and the reduced risk of any bone or health issues.”


Looking to the future with the Active Edge Elite Racing Squad

 This year the Elite squad is set to compete in not only the Nationals but also overseas to Ireland, USA and Europe to compete in two UCI level races, their busy schedule we also found out doesn’t stop there as the Active Edge road team will be returning to Turkey in September with the aim of defending their top 10 overall result at the Tour of Black.


Project 2019

Active Edge have now set out their targets for 2019:

  • 10 National wins
  • 3 Top 20 finishes in the premier calendar events
  • Defend their podium league spot
  • To provide valuable feedback on Vitamin D3 supplementation

For many of you that do not know or haven’t heard of Active Edge or road racing in general here is some insight into the sport. Road racing often involves 60-80 riders competing over 60-150 miles over different types of terrain and places. There is an element of team work within the sport which allows riders to work together and help each other achieve individual goals.

Road racing requires a lot of dedication in terms of time, training and miles on their bikes during all seasonal weather conditions. All riders are required to have a well-balanced, healthy varied diet allowing for maximum performance and recovery. Health Supplements including Vitamin D3 can play an important role in this recovery period.


SunVit-D3’s role with the Active Edge Team

Alongside supplying the team with Vitamin D3 Informed Sport accredited supplementation for the 2019 season, we will be providing regular feedback from the riders through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts about their Vitamin D3 journey. We have also been able to supply the Elite team with high performance rider helmets and leCol race kits with our logo printed on. And, you can even spot our logo on their brand-new BMW 3 series team car.


Active Edge Race Team BMW z4mSunVit-D3 and Active Edge Race Team HelmetActive Edge Race Team BMW z4m logos


To continue our support for the team we will also look to attend as many local events as possible to cheer the team on as they move towards achieving their goals in Project 2019!


How you can support the team

If you would like to join us in supporting the Active Edge Race Team and follow their journey over the next coming year, you can follow the team on Instagram and Facebook.

We will also be keeping you up to date on our Social media accounts, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see how the team are getting on throughout the year. You can offer words of encouragement along their journey and keep an eye out for events local to you where you can cheer the team on in person.

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