Canned Boost Oxygen Therapy – Pink Grapefruit 9LTR

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Boost Oxygen is the market leader in its field; delivering supplemental portable oxygen with an array of active ingredients. Essential oil aromas have been added to enhance the experience and process of oxygen absorption, leaving you feeling, and looking, revitalized. Our aromas include: peppermint, pink grapefruit and menthol-eucalyptus.


Boost Oxygen has been reported by young and old alike as the natural health and well-being aid. Meaning that when it comes to having colds and viruses Boost Oxygen has been able to assist and aid in recovery.  Many Boost Oxygen users experience increased concentration because of an improved oxygen supply to the brain, and find that breathing Boost Oxygen helps them to relax and reduce their stress levels. Using supplemental portable oxygen also supports and boosts the immune system.


Stress is a common contributor to fatigue and decreases the ability to absorb oxygen into the blood, resulting in diminished oxygen to the tissues. Breathing Boost Oxygen will oxygenate tissues, restoring what has been depleted through exhaustion. It has been made clear that people suffering with Migraine attacks or Cluster  headaches have seen a decrease in symptoms by simply breathing pure oxygen.  Oxygen Therapy provides a level of drug-free relief with no side effects and is commonly used in hospital emergency rooms to stabilize Migraine and Cluster Headache patients before administrating medication.


Why Boost Oxygen (Pink Grapefruit)

✔ Natural flavoured 95% pure oxygen – Rejuvenates, Repairs and aids in natural recovery, against common illness.

✔ Boost oxygen for Health & Wellness – Breathing oxygen helps with stress, increased brain concentration and fatigue.

✔ Our 9LTR can offers up to 200 – 1 second bursts of pure oxygen.

✔ Boost oxygen is approved by – The Vegetarian Society and is also tested by the World Health Organization


Directions: Remove tamper-evident plastic, place up to the mouth, press trigger firmly and inhale deeply. Hold oxygen in lungs temporarily before exhaling for best results. Repeat as desired. It is recommended to repeat this procedure 3-5 times to feel the effects of Oxygen.

Boost Oxygen is not a substitute for individuals who have been prescribed medical oxygen for health reasons. Boost oxygen is solely intended for non-medical use.


Delivered within 3 working days of your order. £2.99 delivery charge.

Delivery is handled by Yodel 48 hour service and a signature will be required. ‘Hazardous’ labels are placed on the outer box to signify that they are treated as an aerosol when transporting.

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