Boost Oxygen, Pink Grapefruit 9L

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BOOST OXYGEN – 9 litre can – infused with a citrus pink grapefruit – feeling drained?  then Boost Oxygen pink grapefruit serves well as a pick me up after a late night or overindulgence.

PURE OXYGEN – 95% Pure Oxygen – Rejuvenates, repairs and aids in natural recovery – Our handy can size can be taken on your travels and stored securely

UP TO 200 USES – Simply remove the plastic wrapping and place mouth over cap – pull trigger and take a deep breath – use as and when needed – BOOST OXYGEN FOR TRAINING – When training or running use 3 times before/during/after activity.

APPROVED BY – Boost oxygen is approved by the Vegetarian Society and is also tested by the World Health Organisation

SUMMER FLAVOUR – This uplifting aroma can also be used to help suppress appetite and boost metabolism. The pink grapefruit essence has a refreshing Summer vibe – Used by celebrities during their hectic schedules




Boost Oxygen Europe | 95% Pure Oxygen canisters


Pink Grapefruit (Citrus Paradisi) literally means ‘fruit of paradise’. Like all the other citrus fruits, the essential oil is present in its peel and is extracted by compression. The resulting fragrant oil offers a wide range of benefits and is a popular use for aromatherapy. Of all the citrus oils, pink grapefruit is seen as, by far, the most energising with its invigorating effects on both body and mind.

The scent of pink grapefruit is uplifting, soothing and clarifying and when inhaled can reduce feelings of stress and create a positive mood and feelings of energy as well as increased mental focus. Pink grapefruit is also believed to be useful for enhancing self-esteem and after one inhalation will feel a sense of empowerment. With its energising crisp and zesty smell, inhaling Boost Oxygen Pink Grapefruit serves well as a pick me up after a late-night or overindulgence.

Pink grapefruit essential oil is referred to as ‘the dieter’s friend’ as this popular aroma may also be used to help suppress appetite and may assist in digestion and metabolism. Research from Japan’s Osaka University shows that the scent of grapefruit actually boosts metabolism and reduces food cravings. This suggests that regular inhalations could decrease appetite and aid in weight management.

Approvals and Allergens

  • Vegetarian & Vegan approved.
  • Tested to be free from substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency
  • Boost Oxygen is recreational oxygen and must not be used for medical or prescription use.

Although both Boost and medical oxygen are produced in the same manner, recreational Oxygen is designed for healthy people looking to supplement and improve different facets of their life and is not intended for use by anyone who has asthma, lung ailments or heart problems or as a substitute for physician-prescribed or life-saving oxygen.

Breathing oxygen-enriched air may help your condition, however, before taking Boost Oxygen we would recommend you consult your Healthcare professional. Boost Oxygen is not a substitute for physician-prescribed or life-saving oxygen.

Athletes, such as skiers or other high altitude sports competitors are encouraged to check the rules that apply to supplemental oxygen use with the sporting authorities governing the events they compete in, as well as the overall risks of using any form of supplement.

Additional Information


  • Remove tamper-evident plastic and remove the cap.
  • Place up to the mouth, press trigger firmly and inhale deeply.
  • Hold oxygen in the lungs temporarily before exhaling for the best results.
  • Repeat as desired. It is recommended to repeat this procedure 3-5 times to feel the effects of Oxygen.
  • The patented ergonomic mask can be operated using one hand.

No artificial ingredients

Delivered within 3 working days of your order. £2.99 delivery charge.

Delivery is handled by Yodel 48 hour service and a signature will be required. ‘Hazardous’ labels are placed on the outer box to signify that they are treated as an aerosol when transporting.

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