The fastest growing motorsport in the British Army, spanning all ages, ranks and ability.

SunVit-D3 are extremely pleased to have been asked to support and supply our British serving and non – serving army team on their latest journey via the track, with our vitamin D supplementation products making sure that every driver, team member who steps out and represents both themselves and the British Army are doing so knowing full well their minds & bodies are at 100%.

SRCT Cycling

The teams inception is based on ambition to win, in conjunction with wanting to give young riders a healthy and supportive platform to succeed. Cycling as a sport is outdated in many ways, Stuck in archaic ideals of operating that prohibit riders from performing. For the riders we want them to know they are fully supported and they have a home. Our expectation of them is simple do all they can to succeed and we will be happy.
The thing is we have an exceptionally Talented group of riders Who are all capable of winning at the Highest level. So we know if the support is right the results will follow. This is after all why we selected the riders, it certainly wouldn’t be possible to pull these sorts of riders in without our sponsors.


This season I want to establish the team in the UK and make the statement that we are a force and an outfit that cannot be taken lightly. I want to see the team race cohesively as a group and gain the confidence that we can be the best team in the UK within the next three seasons. This will be a process one of learning from the riders and management. For the riders see them grow In confidence and progress in all aspects of their cycling.  In terms of results, I would like to see the team on the podium in both the national series and the tour series overall, But I will be happy with top 5 in both. Considering the teams timeline this would be a phenomenal first season. On a riders level I would like to see our riders win a round of the tour series and more than one podium in the national series.

Borneo Survival Foundation

Here at SunVit-D3 we strongly believe in trying to help out where we can. During a recent vacation the Borneo survival foundation was brought to our attention by 2 little orangutans called Meryl & Mema who instantly stole our hearts. Due to the current threat of deforestation, SunVit-D3 felt that we could adopt and support these 2 lovely Orangutans whilst working and donating to a fantastic cause.

West Freestyle Martial Arts Club

We are proud to be sponsoring West Freestyle Martial Arts club (WFMA)

WFMA is a small, family run club in the rural town of Haslingden in Lancashire. Their success on the tournament circuit has been remarkable. The club has produced twelve World Champions in the last three years.

Chris West is a former British Champion and World silver medallist, but where he really shines is as a coach. He is assisted in the running of the club and other endeavours by his partner Lindsey Taylor.

Chris also runs an event promotional company called Wolf King Fight Promotions and he has recently become the World president of a new organisation called the International Boxing and Kickboxing Organisation. Chris is very well respected and has many connections within the UK martial arts community.

The club is in the process of moving into a bigger premises soon and we will be providing Public Health England vitamin D advice banners and potentially individual sponsorship for some of the club’s hot prospect students when they return to competition.

We are also proud to introduce a new athlete to the SunVit-D3 team:

Connor Neill – WKC World Kickboxing Champion 2019

Sixteen-year-old Connor began training at West Freestyle Martial Arts in October 2018 under the tutelage of head coach Chris West. Chris soon saw the potential in Connor and entered him in his first kickboxing tournament after less than four months of training, the WKO English Open in February 2019.

Despite his lack of experience Connor won his first National title that day and over the next year Chris led Connor to a string of no less than thirteen regional, national, and international tournament titles in his debut competitive year, including the prestigious WKC World Kickboxing Title in October 2019.

Connor has won titles in light-contact kickboxing, sport boxing and low-kick kickboxing but where he truly excels is in full-contact kickboxing where he boasts a record of 5 fights, 5 wins (3 kos)  Connor is now one of several dedicated junior coaches at the club, offering specialised 1-2-1 coaching sessions, and hopes to fight professionally when he turns eighteen.

Connor is only one of many talented young fighters training at West Freestyle Martial Arts and SunVit-D3 are proud to support this family-owned club and their athletes in their sporting endeavours.

Kam's COGS

Here at SunVit-D3 our vitamin D products are chosen by both elite athletes as well as sports enthusiast. Due to the current demand in cycling in the UK we have partnered up with a local business Kam’s COGS who provide valuable advice and guidance on cycling gear, kit and maintenance of bikes and cater for all your cycling needs. We are also pleased to offer a 20% discount off all our Vitamin D3 supplements if you are a client of Kam’s COGS to help with your bone health and you will also receive a 10% discount off their range of services.    

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