Oxygen Therapy Beauty Treatment

What is Boost Oxygen Beauty?

Oxygen therapy for beauty is a natural beauty and wellness product delivering a unique skin treatment designed to rejuvenate, revitalise and protect skin from within. Boost oxygen therapy boasts impressive benefits such as increasing energy levels, reducing stress and increasing focus. It is even proven to boost metabolism and mood. 

Oxygen Therapy Beauty Treatment

How do I use it?

Boost oxygen Beauty is easy to use. Simply place the mask over your mouth, press the trigger and inhale deeply 3-5 times daily for a relaxing, refreshing and spa-like-experience.

What are the benefits?

This one-of-a-kind beauty treatment offers a variety of useful benefits.

Many people are surprised to learn that the majority of air we breathe is 78% nitrogen, meaning it contains only 21% oxygen. This is excluding air pollution which causes wrinkles and premature ageing. Oxygen therapy is used to boost energy, and the direct inhalation of 98% pure oxygen provides a relaxing experience like no other. Ready to purchase your Boost Oxygen? Buy now.

Our Beauty oxygen serves as a powerful pick-me-up. By delivering oxygen to cells it stimulates cell production while supporting the regeneration of elastin tissue and other powerful anti-ageing proteins found in the skin (namely collagen).

This oxygen therapy formula boosts cell renewal by oxygenating skin. It protects skin cells from stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, and other external factors such as air pollution.

Frankincense and pink grapefruit aromatherapy scents have been added to this miraculous formula to enhance the spa-like experience of oxygen therapy. Both active ingredients have additional benefits for the mind and body, hence why they are used in relaxation rituals such as yoga and meditation rituals. Deep relaxation and breathing are accentuated by the exquisite frankincense aroma which clears the lungs and reduces inflammation in the airways. Pink grapefruit is used for acne treatment, and research demonstrates that it may support weight loss by acting as a natural appetite suppressor. You can read more about this.

What is Boost Oxygen Beauty?

Boost Oxygen Beauty is suitable for anyone craving calm during the stress of daily life. This formula includes a large variety of skincare benefits, including protecting skin cells from stress and pollution and stimulating the production of anti-ageing substances that are found naturally in the skin. This product is also approved by the Vegetarian Society and has been tested by the World Health Organisation.

Boost oxygen therapy is the perfect addition to your skincare routine.

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