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Inside workers at risk of insufficient vitamin D3 levels

Topping up and maintaining healthy levels of vitamin D3 has become a priority especially for those who work indoors. It’s clear that maintaining healthy levels of vitamin D3 is important but are you at risk yourself? If you work indoors, you may be.

Because vitamin D3 is made when bare skin is exposed to direct sunlight, anyone who does not spend much time in the sun is at risk of having insufficient levels of vitamin D3. This includes those who spend most of their time working in an indoor environment i.e. office, warehouse etc as this leads to less or, particularly in the winter months, no time in the sun. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the ultraviolet B rays in sunlight which are required to make vitamin D3 do not penetrate glass. So even if you are sitting inside in the sun, you’re probably not making any vitamin D3.

With increasingly indoor lifestyles, it’s important for those who work inside to make sure their vitamin D3 levels are sufficient, helping to maintain health and happiness.

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