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How To Get Enough Vitamin D In Autumn And Winter

With darkness descending upon us as the clocks go back, making sure you’re getting enough Vitamin D is essential. A recent study found that 19% of British adults have low levels of Vitamin D, and these low levels could only get worse during the autumn and winter months.

Studies have shown that we need around 10 minutes of sunshine a day to get your Vitamin D fix, but of course, everyone is different and your levels will not only depend on the seasons but also on how often you stay indoors, how much your clothing covers your skin and different skin pigmentations.

It’s important for our bodies to get enough Vitamin D daily to ensure we stay strong and sharp throughout the years. It helps us absorb calcium which is vital in forming and maintaining strong bones, improving brain development and function and reducing inflammation.

How To Get Enough Vitamin D In Autumn Winter Blog

But how much do you need to take?

Again, it varies person to person but the NHS recommends that everyone should get 10 micrograms a day. You can absorb Vitamin D through certain foods like oily fish, tofu, eggs and cheese, but also through supplements like our SunVit-D3 400IU Tablets or SunVit-D3 400IU Capsules.

If you’re not sure whether this is enough for you, you can take a home Vitamin D Blood Test Kit, or visit your GP for more advice.