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Look after your vitamin D3 level as much as your pension

The Department of Health (DOH) advise “older people” aged 65 and above are amongst groups at risk of not getting enough vitamin D3 and are recommended to take a vitamin D supplement.

Vitamin D helps to reduce the risk of falling associated with postural instability and muscle weakness. Falling is a risk factor for bone fractures among men and women 60 years of age and older.

Healthy levels of vitamin D

Healthy levels of vitamin D are achieved by eating a healthy balanced diet that contains oily fish, egg yolks, red meat and some fortified cereals, the most natural source of vitamin D is from skin synthesis following exposure to sunlight. A wealthy old age is achieved from working hard and saving some money for a pension, however as we know this is easier said than done!

This is the same with UK sunshine, we would love to have more but statistically, this very rarely happens, so why not supplement your vitamin D levels and think of it as an alternative “healthy” pension for the over 65’s.