You may think that Vitamin D is all the same, right? Well, just like any product in any market not everything is equal and not all vitamin D supplements are the same, but what makes SunVit-D3 different? Watch our video below and discover the journey of a Vitamin D tablet and learn how SunVit-D3 strive to create the best possible solutions for our customers.

The Journey of a Vitamin D Tablet

Vitamin D3

The vitamin supplementation market is massive, but SunVit-D3 is a company with a story behind it and a family run business.  Founded in 2009, SunVit-D3 has rapidly grown from a national operation to a major international supplier of vitamin D.  Their many vitamin D products are manufactured in the North of England in accordance with GMP guidelines.

Vegetarian & Halal Approved

The high quality of SunVit-D3 products is defined by the precision and knowledge that goes into the production of their vitamin D tablets, capsules and liquid preparations.  Testament to this hard work is approval from the Vegetarian Society, the Halal Monitoring Committee and Informed-Sport with SunVit-D3 vitamin D complying with many special dietary requirements.

Quality Controlled & Clear Packaging

With SunVit-D3 vitamin D tablets being small in size and tasteless, this makes them easy to swallow, especially after the final stage of production which see the tablets film coated.  Quality control is paramount and each tablet is checked cosmetically and then for size and weight to ensure the highest standards. Further checks are performed to see the viability of the vitamin D tablets in the packaging and how they react to ensure they will arrive in perfect condition.

SunVit-D3 packaging is of course environmentally friendly, and with all the different strengths of vitamin D clearly labelled with bold colour coding this further enhances the customer experience and use of SunVit-D3 products.

Family Run

Following European Food Safety Guidance, SunVit-D3 vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of bones, teeth and muscle function, in addition to the normal function of the immune system.  SunVit-D3 continues today as a family run business, with the same ethos and are proud to help customers enjoy the long term health benefits of vitamin D; and that’s the SunVit-D3 difference.

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