Is Vitamin D3 Good For Acne?

Is Vitamin D3 Good For Acne?

In recent years, research has shown the many benefits of vitamin D3 on our bodies. Labelled as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, it is clear that vitamin D3 has various skin rejuvenation and protection benefits. Vitamin D3 contributes to skin cell growth and repair, as well as enhances the skin’s immune system. As a result, vitamin D3 deficiency can lead to dry skin and poor wound healing. For this reason, many have questioned whether vitamin D3 could help with acne.

 A study in 2016 found that people with acne have lower levels of vitamin D3 in their bodies than those without acne. Furthermore, a study in 2014 found that vitamin D3 also blocks some acne bacteria from affecting skin cells. These bacteria play a huge part in the development of acne. The results of these studies show that vitamin D3 could be hugely beneficial in treating or preventing acne.

Benefits of Vitamin D3 for Acne

Benefits of Vitamin D3 for Acne


Vitamin D3 has antimicrobial properties. Due to this vitamin D3 may be able to calm the symptoms of acne caused by bacterial overgrowth. Additionally, vitamin D3 also has anti-inflammatory properties. These anti-inflammatory properties may be able to reduce the red and inflamed appearance of acne. Vitamin D3 is an antioxidant that helps to release oxidative stress to the skin and prevent signs of ageing such as wrinkles. Therefore, it is believed that vitamin D3 has an overall benefit on the strength and health of our skin.


How to Use Vitamin D3 for Acne


Prolonged exposure to sunlight is not the best way to get vitamin D3. Therefore, if you are deficient in vitamin D3, sitting in the sun for a long time won’t fix your acne. In fact, this can put you at risk of skin cancer. There are also various foods that contain high levels of vitamin D, such as cheese and red meats. However, these foods have been found to increase the risk of acne.


Instead, vitamin D3 supplements are a great way of increasing vitamin D3 levels and improving acne. There are various vitamin D3 supplements available, including gummies, tablets and capsules. Despite this, research has shown that topical application of vitamin D3 products is the most effective way of improving acne. A 2011 study shows that applying vitamin D3 products directly to the skin slows the growth of new cells. Therefore, this takes full advantage of the anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin D3.


Altogether, it is clear that vitamin D3 has many benefits on our bodies, more studies need to be carried out to determine the full effects of vitamin D3 on acne. However, it is proven that vitamin D3 is hugely important in the protection and strength of our skin. Therefore, if you are looking for a natural supplement to help with your acne, we would highly recommend giving vitamin D3 supplements a try.

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