Certified Halal Vitamin D Health Benefits

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All SunVit-D3 products are made to the highest standards possible, and the entire Vitamin D3 range is approved by the Halal Monitoring Committee UK.  In creating certified halal vitamin D products, we are able to accommodate our customers and help make them widely available to everyone.


We are proud that many of our Vitamin D products are certified and approved by different bodies such as the Vegetarian Society and Vegan Society. Take a look at our Vegan Vitamin D3 Range.


Visit our Vitamin D3 online store to buy our Certified Halal Vitamin D3 supplements, including tablets, capsules, and liquids.


The Benefits of Halal Vitamin D3 Tablets


The many growing benefits of Vitamin D3 are becoming well known, from helping the body to absorb calcium to strengthen teeth and bones to maintaining a healthy immune system.

Supplementing Vitamin D3 can also help to heal damaged hearts, reports halaltreatments.com.  Research from the University of Leeds, School of Medicine, found heart function to be improved through Vitamin D3.

“This is a significant breakthrough for patients. It is the first evidence that Vitamin D3 can improve heart function of people with heart muscle weakness, known as heart failure. These findings could make a significant difference to the care of heart failure patients.” – Dr Klaus Witte, School of Medicine at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

“We do not get enough Vitamin D which is why it is essential to take Vitamin D supplements, that have been certified Halal, such as Pro D3 and SunVit D3 as they offer the purest form of Vitamin D intake.” – halaltreatments.com.

Want to know more about the health benefits of Vitamin D? Why not read our ‘Guide to Vitamin D3’ and find out if you’re getting enough and learn what is a healthy level of vitamin D3.


View our latest range of halal friendly vitamin D3 supplements or head straight for our most popular daily dose strength, Sunvit-D3 1,000 IU Vitamin D3 tablets.

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