Calcium Benefits

The benefits of a good source of calcium


Your body needs a good source of calcium to build and maintain strong bones. Your heart muscles and nerves also need calcium to function correctly.  Calcium is vital for a number of basic functions in your body, yet despite it being an essential mineral, your body cannot produce it. Here at SunVit-D3 our range of calcium supplementation offers all of the above and more.

Our Calcium Range

Foods rich in calcium


Whilst maintaining a good daily dose of vitamin D and calcium through supplementation, our every day foods also play a role in keeping our bones and teeth strong. 

  • Cheese is a very high source of calcium with parmesan being at the top of the cheese list with 331 mg — or 33% of the RDI — per ounce (28 grams) (5).
  • Milk is another very high source of calcium, this being more so in young infants
  • Yogurt is another excellent source of calcium many types of yogurt are also rich in live probiotic bacteria, which have various health benefits.One cup (245 grams) of plain yogurt contains 30% of the RDI for calcium.

    Low-fat yogurt may be even higher in calcium, with 45% of the RDI in one cup (245 grams). While Greek yogurt is a great way to get extra protein in your diet, it delivers less calcium than regular yogurt 

Our Calcium

SunVit-D3 offers vitamin D supplements with added calcium carbonate for those who, maybe due to dietary restrictions or medical conditions, perhaps don’t get enough calcium through the food they eat. Consuming enough calcium – 700 milligrams per day for healthy men and women, as recommended by Public Health England – can benefit your body in the following ways:

Developing and Maintaining Strong Bones


Children need a good source of calcium to enable their muscles and bones to grow, with children the best way to do this is through both powdered milk as well as breast milk. When children are put on breast milk it is important that the mother has a high source of calcium also. As we grow the importance of keeping a high level of calcium is ever more important preventing us from bone breakages and teeth loss. 

Your Blood

Calcium contributes to normal blood clotting. It’s not a glamorous topic but it is an important one – without the blood clotting process, damaged blood vessels are not able to repair themselves, meaning even the smallest cut or scrape could be dangerous.

Thinking, Learning & Moving 

According to the EFSA, Calcium contributes ti normal neurotransmission. What does this mean? When brain cells need to pass messages to one another, they use chemicals called neurotransmitters. This sharing of chemical messages is know as neurotransmissions. Neurotransmission has a role in everything we do – the way we learn, behave, move and feel. The brain uses neurotransmission to tell the heart to beat and your lungs to breathe.


How vitamin D and Calcium work together 

Vitamin D contributes to the normal absorption and utilisation of calcium, and helps to ensure normal calcium levels in the blood. This is why we offer vitamin D and calcium in one supplement.

Both calcium and vitamin D are needed for normal growth and development of bone in children.



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