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Are your kids going back to school this year? Trying to find ways to improve their concentration and learning ability? You might have come across some speculation on how poor diet and nutrition can impact your child’s learning ability. As children get older, they must consume just the right amount of vitamins and minerals to ensure nothing but optimal health in their everyday life. Besides the obvious problems such as low energy levels, unhealthy weight gain, and more (Family Doctor, 2019), it’s no surprise that bad nutrition and diets can hinder your child’s performance at school, and can cause far more serious problems than weight gain. But the main question that parents seem to ask themselves is, “Is my child obtaining enough nutrients?” Although food is the human’s main source of nutrients, it could be argued that we all need a little top up to get us through the day, and this goes especially for kids. You may have seen speculation a few years back on how Jamie Oliver implemented “The Food Revolution” plan to help tackle and halve child obesity by 2030 (Oliver, 2021). It could be considered that although this plan is nothing short of amazing, obesity is only the tip of the iceberg of how poor nutrition and diet can impact a child’s everyday life and personal wellbeing.

According to (Lerner & Haimi, 2014), it is common for young school children to develop nutritional deficiencies that fall in the categories of calcium, fiber, folate, iron, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin. Without the consumption of the essential mineral and vitamins, not only can this affect your child’s health but in turn, can hinder their performance and concentration at school. It’s no secret that as children get older, they adapt to the ability for themselves, choosing what they do and do not eat, often following particular diets that have nutrition deficiencies.

So what is the relationship between the lack of nutrients and school education? Is there a way to boost your child’s performance in both educational and social aspects?

The consumption of the right vitamins in the right doses can impact your child’s school life beneficially. But what should they be taking? As we all know, kids are continuously growing, this is why Vitamin D is considered to be one of the most essential vitamins that a child can take. The consumption of Vitamin D helps the body form strong teeth and bones and helps absorb minerals like other bone fortifying minerals such as Calcium. Secondly is Iron. Accelerated growth can be supported by the consumption of iron as it contributes towards the production of blood and the building of muscles. Another crucial vitamin that your child can take to help boost concentration at school is Vitamin B. Vitamin B complex systems help promote good digestion, good eyesight, and most importantly, high energy levels! Everything your child needs to help maintain healthy qualities and behaviors in their school life.

Why not show your child our Vitamin Alphabet to help show them the importance of how vitamins and minerals can benefit them?!

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Are your kids going back to school this year? Trying to find ways to improve their concentration and learning ability? You might have come across

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