Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D In Summer?

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It’s definitely feeling like Summer in this heatwave! But that doesn’t mean you should scrimp on your Vitamin D intake. We know that sunlight is a great natural method of making Vitamin D in your body, but how do you know you’re getting enough?

Is it necessary to take Vitamin D in summer?

The recommended daily maintenance dosage is 400IU daily (or 10mcg) as outlined in the NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidanceStudies show that you need around 10 minutes of sunshine a day to get your Vitamin D fix.

However, it’s not as easy as it sounds – first of all, sitting by a window or in the car won’t work as the glass will block out UVB rays. Secondly, we know that everyone is different – some people spend a lot of time indoors all day (due to illness, disability or working conditions, for example), cover their skin for religious reasons or work, have different skin pigmentation and, of course, living here in the UK, we sadly don’t get much sun, even in the summer months!


Sunbathing Vitamin D


It’s important for our bodies to get enough Vitamin D daily to ensure we stay strong and sharp throughout the years. Not only does it help us contribute to normal blood levels of calcium, but also to the maintenance of normal bones, the maintenance of normal muscle function and the normal function of our immune system.

So, what can you do to help boost your Vitamin D intake this summer? Well, why not try SunVit-D3’s convenient supplements? It’s a cost-effective way to give you the peace of mind to ensure you’re staying healthy throughout the year. Our bestselling 400IU & 800IU tablets or capsules will provide you with the perfect amount of Vitamin D, even if you’re out and about in the sunshine daily.

While most individuals should be able to get their recommended intake of vitamin D without using supplements, there are those of us who, maybe due to dietary restrictions or medical conditions, perhaps don’t get enough essential minerals through the food they eat. If you’re unable to meet your recommended daily intake from food, supplements can be used but ask your doctor for advice. Please note that it is possible to overdose on vitamin D – see our FAQs for more information.


Taking Vitamin D Supplements

How do I know if I’m getting enough Vitamin D?

If you’re concerned you are not getting enough Vitamin D overall, you can take a home test with our SunVit-D3 Vitamin D Blood Test Kit. It’s a convenient way to truly know if you have low levels or to regulate your vitamin D intake, without the need to visit your GP. It’s a convenient way to truly know if you have low levels or to regulate your Vitamin D intake in the comfort of your own home – simply follow the instructions, send your sample off to an independent EU laboratory and await your results.

Take a home test with our SunVit-D3 Vitamin D Blood Test Kit.

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