Affiliations & Partnerships

Here at SunVit-D3 productive partnerships are at the heart of everything we do as a company. Our affiliations with varied partners allow us to achieve genuine product feedback and allow us to focus on new product development. This includes working with charities, sports teams, athletes & accredited affiliations.

Vitamin D plays a major part in any sports or activities, by playing an important role in the recovery period of your body. Here at SunVit-D3 we work with experienced doctors and physiotherapists who specialise in a range of athletes at the peak of their chosen sports. To make sure this is possible our 1,000IU and 20,000IU vitamin D tablets have undergone numerous tests carried out by the Informed Sports accredited program.


The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation

Here at SunVit-D3 we strongly believe in trying to help out where we can. During a recent vacation the Borneo survival foundation was brought to our attention by 2 little orangutans called Meryl & Mema who instantly stole our hearts. Due to the current threat of deforestation, SunVit-D3 felt that we could adopt and support these 2 lovely Orangutans whilst working and donating to a fantastic cause.

Sports Partnerships

SunVit-D3 support Jake Ebbage through his Motorbike racing career. Due to Jake’s physical and extreme fitness regime it is essential that he keeps his vitamin D levels high to aid in recovery both physically and mentally. Jake is also an avid user of Boost Oxygen. 

SunVit-D3 proudly sponsor One Dance UK in a number of their events and supply a number of dancers with our 1,000 and 20,000IU vitamin D supplementation.  

UpShift Nutrition Racing

For many of you that do not know or haven’t heard of UpShift Nutrition Racing or road racing in general here is some insight into the sport. Road racing often involves 60-80 cyclists competing over 60-150 miles over different types of terrain and places. There is an element of team work within the sport which allows riders to work together and help each other achieve individual goals.

Road racing requires a lot of dedication in terms of time, training and miles on their bikes during all seasonal weather conditions. All riders are required to have a well-balanced, healthy varied diet allowing for maximum performance and recovery. Health Supplements including Vitamin D3 can play an important role in this recovery period. After a very successful 2019, 2020 saw us partner back up together again under their new team name. 

Here at SunVit-D3 our vitamin D products are chosen by both elite athletes as well as sports enthusiast. Due to the current demand in cycling in the UK we have partnered up with a local business Kam’s COGS who provide valuable advice and guidance on cycling gear, kit and maintenance of bikes and cater for all your cycling needs. We are also pleased to offer a 20% discount off all our Vitamin D3 supplements if you are a client of Kam’s COGS to help with your bone health and you will also receive a 10% discount off their range of services.    

Vegan Approved

Approved Vegan by the Vegetarian Society


Approved by
Informed Sport


Certified as Halal by the Halal Monitoring Committee

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