Active Edge Race Team BMW Launch

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Last Thursday, we attended Active Edge Race Team’s launch event of their new BMW 520i, hosted by Coopers BMW in Colchester. It was great having the riders, supporters and sponsors all under the same roof while admiring the new team kit, SunVit-D3 helmets and some super fast cars!


It was a great event and Sam Woodfield gave some inspirational words about the Active Edge Race Team and why it is so important to himself and the riders;

“Active Edge Race team is not your normal race team, contrary to what you see here, it’s not about flash cars, it’s not about flash bikes, it’s not about flash kit. Our belief is that we can provide a platform for young riders, to develop their skills in an environment that is safe and healthy, and that is really what we stand for. And that is why I do what I do, and I love what I do, for all of our riders. These guys mean the world to me and I will always give it my all when I provide this forum.”

Same Woodfield Active Edge Race Team


You can see our video from the event below – showcasing their brand new BMW and featuring an interview with a member of the development team on why the team use SunVit-D3:

How have SunVit-D3 and Active Edge Race Team been working together?

SunVit-D3 worked alongside Dr Nicky Keay on her research, by sponsoring the Study Into Identifying Male Cyclists At Risk Of RED-S, and off the back of her recommendations to the Active Edge Race Team formed a partnership, providing them with Vitamin D3 supplements to help them maintain healthy levels of vitamin D during Project 2019.

“As part of a study I was involved in with Dr Nicky Keay, the study said I should take vitamin D, to obviously promote our bone health. Because, she found that, particularly with a lot of cyclists, they have a low level of vitamin D. And, particularly for people in the Northern hemisphere, naturally you’re not going to be getting a lot of sunlight anyway, so it’s sort of recommended to take.” George Wells, Active Edge Race Team.


SunVit-D3 and Active Edge Race Team - BMW Launch Active Edge Race Team BMW z4m


“So, intially I started take 10,000 IU vitamin D supplements for the first three weeks of the study to get my vitamin D levels up to a normal rate. And then it was reduced to 1,000 IU to maintain my levels, which I continue to take now to keep my vitamin D levels healthy. I have found that it really helps with my immune system. Since I’ve been taking the supplements, I’ve noticed an improvement and I have not really experienced any illness this winter, which I believe has been down to introducing vitamin D into my health regime.” George Wells, Active Edge Race Team.


SunVit-D3 and Active Edge Race Team Helmet Active Edge Race Team BMW z4m logos SunVit-D3 Logo on Active Edge BMW z4m


We look forward to continuing our work with Active Edge in their 2019 Project.


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Find out more about our partnership with the Active Edge Team here. 

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