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30% Off For Sports Teams & Clubs

If you are a part of a sports team or club, we are pleased to offer a 30% discount off some of SunVit’s popular Vitamin D3 supplements when you order 30 packs or more. Our Vitamin D3 supplements are already used by some of the top football clubs and sporting organisations throughout the UK and our 1,000 IU and 20,000 IU strength tablets are certified by Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice.


Use the codes below to take advantage of this the 30% discount and read more about the use of Vitamin D3 in sports.


*Offer applies to SunVit-D3 1,000 IU (25µg) and Sunvit-D3 20,000 IU (500µg) only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


SunVit-D3 1,000 IU (25µg) – ‘sportvits1’

SunVit-D3 20,000 IU (500µg) – ‘sportvits2’


For further information on how SunVit-D3 can support from sports club or team email us at

SunVit-D3 Sports Campaign